Tricky Town
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Think Outside the Box

Using Wild Cards and/or Trick or Treat Cards gives players many options:

  • Sometimes by moving backwards players can gain treats or set up a strategic move.

  • Be aware of the positions of your opponents’ pieces on the board. See what can help you more – moving your pieces or moving your opponents’ pieces.

If you are behind on the board decide if it is better for you to try to catch up with the other players to get home first or to try to collect lots of treats.

Remember, at the end of the game the player with the most treats is the one that wins the game.Know the spaces on the board.

Use the cards in combination to move your pieces to the spaces where you gain treats and move your opponents’ pieces to the spaces where they return treats.

All players have the chance to even up the game by moving the pieces of the player with the most treats to the spaces to where he/she has to return treats .

Look at all the possibilities! Be creative and have fun!

Tricky Town Playing Cards, Wild Cards and Trick or Treat Cards
  • There are Trick or Treat Cards that must be used immediately and others that can be used immediately or be kept to use in a later turn.

  • There are Trick or Treat Cards that let you move either your family pieces or your opponent’s family pieces.

  • Players may use the Playing Cards + the Wild Cards + the Trick or Treat Cards in any combination during the same turn.

- Related Game Rule -

Players must complete the move of one card before using the next card.

Wild Cards

When a player draws a Tricky Town Wild Card he may move first that round. Tricky Town Wild Cards can be used immediately or be kept to use in a later turn.

  • Tricky Town Wild Cards allow a player to move one of his pieces 5 spaces forward or backward, or

  • Move one of his opponents’ pieces 5 spaces forward or backward, or

  • Split the move between any two pieces and move both backward or both forward, or

  • Move one Piece forward and one backward for a total of 5 spaces.
Crosswalk Spaces
  • If possible, try to gather a parent piece and a child piece on the Crosswalk spaces.

  • Move them across the shortcut to the other side at any time during any of your turns. Using the short cut is optional.

  • Collect three treats for each one of your pieces that lands on the Crosswalk spaces.

  • The two shortcut paths are not counted as spaces. Players may not use the shortcut to move backwards.

- Related game rule -

Crosswalk: The shortcut can be used only when one or both parents and one
or both kids are at the Crosswalk together.

Moving Out of Home

You may start with a parent or a kid piece. HOME counts as a space.

As long as both kids remain 4 spaces or less from one of their parents, the other parent may move farther ahead. However, keeping a parent too far away from the rest of his family makes it more difficult for the whole family to advance.

4 Space Rule

To move out of home players use Tricky Town Playing Cards, including the Witch Wild Card and the Spider Wild Card. Players may also use various Trick or Treat Cards.

Even numbered Playing Cards (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12) are most useful because you have the choice to move one piece the number on the card or divide the number in half to move two pieces. Players must complete the move of one piece first, before moving another piece.

Who Moves First Each Round?

Monster MeterRemember that each round all players will turn the top card of his deck face up. The player with the highest ranking card for that round moves first, followed by the player to his left.

Rank Card
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