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KELMAR GAMES was founded by Fernando Cipullo Diaz and Laura Madariaga to launch Tricky Town®.

Tricky Town® is a family game with a safety message in disguise that has a new method of play patented by Fernando. The original idea for the game came to Fernando in 1991, in a dream after a Halloween night out with his kids.

Eleven years later, Laura heard about the game. Laura had been a volunteer for 15 years in the PTA, and as an advocate for kids, is very passionate about working for the good of all kids and their families. During her career, Laura was honored with the California PTA Golden Oak Service Award as well as the National PTA Honorary Life Membership Award. When Laura played the first Tricky Town® prototype that Fernando had developed, she knew instantly that the game was fantastic for families to play together. She realized the game offered critical thinking skills for kids and was a lot of challenging fun for adults! Laura liked the game and believed in it so much that she joined Fernando in his venture to produce the game. Since then, they have been working together to make Tricky Town® available for all families to enjoy.

For the next three years, the game was tested and went through some improvements. Kids, teenagers, and adults including a doctor, a lawyer, and a PhD in Physics (with several patents under his belt) all enjoyed the game and found Tricky Town® fun to play. Kids found the game fascinating while adults found it entertaining, simple and yet intricate and challenging to play. After all the scrutiny, the game proved to earn good merits. It was then that Fernando and Laura started to manufacture Tricky Town®.

Our mission is to create games that are fun to play, tease the mind to think and to be creative while pleasing the souls of joy!