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KelMar Games Corporation introduces Tricky Town® - a challenging board game with a new patented method of play that stimulates critical thinking, problem solving, is easy to learn and fun to play. Tricky Town® is a board game for kids and adults ages 8 – Adult with a Halloween theme that involves many strategies.

Each player moves a family of 4 pieces – 2 parent pieces and 2 kid pieces. Each family moves around the town (game board) collecting treats and avoiding tricks while always keeping the kid pieces 4 spaces or less from at least one of their parent pieces – for safety.

Some players get a kick out of using the Trick or Treat cards to play tricks on their opponents to increase their own chances of winning, while other players prefer to use their Trick or Treat cards to help themselves. Every round the players have decisions to make from a variety of choices to decide which piece to move and how to move it. Options and strategies change as the positions of the playing pieces change on the board and as the game progresses there are more options to consider.

Tricky Town® offers excitement, a safety lesson in disguise for kids and parents, and captivating strategies. At the end, the player with the most treats wins the game.